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Hey Everyone and Welcome all my beautiful readers and followers!! I welcome you all back to another MUE / MUA Feature Friday post!! Like I pretty much always say, but never quite saying it, I hope that this post will help out my fellow beauty & makeup enthusiasts and artist on Instagram to possibly gather a new group of followers and even make some friends along the way!! Today’s post is a…

SPF Protection for Lips – Mega Battle: Carmex VS Maybelline VS Nivea VS Blistex – In depth Reviews and Ingredient Analyses

The summer months are here, the sun is lower and hotter and the days are longer. Hurray! Sadly though, all of that also means that we need to up our SPF protection to limit the sun damage on our skin and slow down the process of ageing. If you don’t know what SPF is, why we need it all year round or how much we need check out: Everything you need to know about sunscreens and SPF Although some of usRead more

Paula’s Choice Resist Youth-Extending Daily Hydrating Fluid SPF 50 – In Depth Review and Ingredient Analysis

Wearing an SPF of minimum 15 is an absolute must at all times, for the health and youth preservation of our skin. However, with the summer months now already settled and the sun shining lower and stronger, our skincare protection must also adapt accordingly. Although, bear in mind that even if you live or your holidays are in a colder place, a higher SPF protection might also required, especially if you are at high altitude or close to snow. IfRead more

Battle of the Foundations: Estée Lauder Double Wear VS Tarte Shape Tape Matte Foundation – In Depth Reviews and Ingredient Analyses

The Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation is one of the world’s best foundations and the number one foundation for oily skin. Many bloggers agree on this and it is even rated as such in places like Influenster etc. It’s so good that none of the foundations I’ve tried so far, even the so called dupes, have managed to convince me to switch. If you missed those posts check out: Battle of the Foundations: Estée Lauder Double Wear VS Revlon ColorRead more

Tarte Make Your Own Beauty Kit – Unboxing and Product Reviews

Tarte recently had an offer on for creating your own beauty kit by choosing 7 full size beauty products, from a given list, and paying £56. Considering that the foundation alone is worth £33, you can immediately tell that getting 7 full size Tarte products for £56 was a steal. Of course, this offer is an amazing promotion for Tarte, so rest assured they are not loosing money at all. However, it is also an amazing offer for all usRead more

Skin Kissed Vitamin C Serum – In Depth Review and Ingredient Analysis

Serums are a very important part of skincare. They can bring a lot of nourishing ingredients to the skin that might not be easily formulated in a moisturiser. The right serum with the right ingredients can make a huge difference to your skin’s texture and appearance as well as your skin’s health on a molecular level. A serum is meant to be used on a clean face, before a moisturiser and in my opinion, your moisturiser or serum should includeRead more

Beauty Product Discovery – My Little Beauty Box May 2018 – Unboxing and Product Reviews

I was in two minds as to whether to continue reviewing this beauty box for a couple of reasons, hence why I left this post so late. Nevertheless, I decided to go ahead and review it this month too, to bring this beauty box up to three months of reviews and be able to write a general review of it. However, I am really interested to know if you want to keep reading about this box or not, please letRead more

Wellthos Health and Fitness box May 2018 – Unboxing and Product Reviews

The Wellthos box is a health and fitness box that contains 10-11 items every month and allows you to discover and try products that you might never have thought existed or you would never have picked up yourself. This type of subscription boxes can be especially important in the summer months, when our fitness motivation lacks a little, due to the heat and all the alternative outdoor activities. At the same time, exactly because it is during the summer monthsRead more

Pretty Little Palettes The Sassy One – In Depth Review and Ingredient Analysis

Everyone loves an eye shadow palette. They are high value items which last a long time and bring some colour and character into the look. There’s something about eye shadow palettes that also make us feel feminine and beautiful. However, with so many eye shadow palettes out there it can be difficult to choose sometimes. Some buy palettes because it’s their favourite brand and others look for palettes with specific colours. Pretty Little Palettes has sent me the perfect paletteRead more

Misfit Cosmetics Wake Up Your Skin and Face Wipes – In Depth Review and Ingredient Analysis

There are many ways to take off your makeup or quickly clean your face and everyone has their favourites. However, no matter how you choose to do that, a pack of wipes is definitely a preparation must. Whether it is for the quick and convenient wipe off or for correcting mistakes while you are trying to master your eye liner, makeup wipes are incredibly useful, quick and practical. They are also great companions when travelling. Misfits Cosmetics was very kindRead more