Look Fantastic UK Beauty Box – A general review

This is a general review, for specific month reviews, including product reviews, search by box name and month or look out for upcoming review posts.

The Look Fantastic subscription beauty box advertises itself as “the perfect beauty treat” and to be honest, it is!

Look Fantastic boxes

The Look Fantastic box is currently £15.00 with free P&P a month, if you choose the 1 month rolling option where you are free to cancel but before you receive your last box. So you will still be charged for the current or next months box depending on the time of the month. You can also subscribe for 3, 6 or 12 months for a slightly lower rate. It is slightly more expensive than the Birchbox and Glossybox but you do get your money’s worth. Unlike Cohorted where you have to pre-order for next month, you will receive your first box the month you subscribed (within a few days) unless the box is out of stock. It usually contains 5-7 beauty products each month and a small Beauty magazine (about 20 pages) that has a little info about each product, current trends and products and sometimes even recipe ideas. And if that wasn’t enough, you also get the full, current month’s ELLE magazine in travel size!

Unlike, Glossybox and Birchbox you do not get the option to create a “personal beauty profile” so unfortunately, you cannot let them know if you are a blonde or brunette or if you have oily skin etc.

Look Fantastic full April 2017
An example of everything you get in one month’s box, April 2017

The lack of personalization however, is countered by the fact that you can buy the previous months’ boxes if you viewed the products from somewhere else, like this blog or their website, and liked them. So if you don’t mind not having the surpsise factor, which personally I love, you can do your research and buy this box when you actually like and think you would use the products inside.

The box is always a standard “gift” box with a top lid. The quality of the cardboard is very high. These are very nice looking and sturdy boxes. The design print changes each month to reflect the month’s theme. The contents come in a bed of colored straw-like material and are all wrapped nicely with a gift paper and held together with a #LFBEAUTYBOX sticker. The back of the lid always contains a quote that usually also has something to do with the month’s theme. It looks absolutely lovely to open. It is an amazing monthly treat or gift to a friend! You can seriously cheer someone up with this box!

Look Fantastic has a good balance between super drug and mainstream products. I wouldn’t describe this box or the contained products as “high end” though like for example the Cohorted box. According to Look Fantastic the products you receive in their boxes are always of a guaranteed £50+ value and while I haven’t always done the math on each box, I can safely say that since you receive the ELLE magazine with it as well, your definitely get more than your money’s worth.

The Look Fantastic beauty box products are mostly travel size (10-30mL) and not often the small, 1-2 time use samples (with the exception of face masks), which is amazing. I do find however, that the products are not as big as in the Glossybox which is the only reason why I slightly, by half a hair, prefer Glossybox. As opposed to Birchbox, when Look Fantastic includes the bigger than sample size tubes, they are always full and there will be products that will last you a couple of months! You will definitely get enough product amount to try it out long enough to form an opinion on whether you will ever buy those products full size or not. Some products arrive sealed so you know that noone opened or used them which also makes their 6M, 12M, 24M or whatever their expiration date is, more accurate, but some don’t which is a shame. This might simply be due to the actual product company not providing sealed products though, so we can’t entirely blame Look Fantastic for this.

The Look Fantastic beauty box does not have a loyalty scheme but you will get £5 for every friend you refer while they will also receive a (non defined) discount.  Unlike Birchbox and Glossybox, reviewing your monthly box and products and receiving loyalty points, is not a thing with this box. Interestingly, sometimes they will send you an email asking for a review on last month’s box in exchange for receiving a £5 voucher that you can spend online at their store.

Finally, like Birchbox and Glossybox, Look Fantastic has a preview of their current month’s box in their emails and websites and so I found it impossible to keep the box design a surprise. Unlike the other boxes though, you can easily avoid getting spoilers on the actual products the box contains. You do get a fair amount of emails from them, almost every day, showcasing promotional gifts and prices for their online store products but thankfully, no box spoilers (except from the outside design of the box).

Personal opinion: Is it my favorite? I have to say no, but is is a very, very close second after the Glossybox.  The size of the products is good and the brands included are a nice balance between mainstream and high end. The box presentation is the best out of all four boxes I subscribe to (Birchbox, Glossybox, Look Fantastic and Cohorted). This box is a very good value for money and I absolutely adore that you get a copy of the ELLE magazine too.

For more info or if you wish to subscribe: https://www.lookfantastic.com/home.dept
I avoid giving out my personal invite link, even though we would both get rewards from it, because I would like to avoid situations where my reviews are viewed to support my personal benefit.

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