Coffee Chat: End of year reflection and what’s coming up!

Hello my lovelies,

It’s time for another coffee chat! Grab a coffee and join me for some chit chat on reflecting 2019 and what’s coming up on Bonds of Beauty!

It’s December already, time passes so quickly! We are almost at the end of the year and so it’s time to reflect back. It is important to do so in all areas of life, whether personal, professional or…cosmetics related! It’s always a good idea to learn from previous actions and that doesn’t mean that they were bad! There is a lot to be learnt from good things too. In terms of cosmetics it might be worth speding some time thinking about:

  • what did you buy a lot of this year?
  • what did you not use a lot of this year?
  • what wrong assumptions did you make?
  • what products are you satisfied with?
  • what products are you still looking for?
  • are you happy with your skincare regime?
  • where there any skincare issues?
  • what worked well that you want to repeat or enhance?
  • what didn’t work so well that you want to change?

There are many questions you can ask yourself here but it essentially boils down to: what worked well and what didn’t in 2019. For fun and giggles, here’s my answers to these questions, perhaps they will make you think of your situations:

  • what did you buy a lot of this year?

Lipsticks. I just love lipsticks. But the good news is that I also use them daily so it’s not wasted money! Lipsticks, and in general makeup, can make me feel better but are also a tool for personal expression. Check out: Why do we use make up…and should we?

  • what did you not use a lot of this year?

Eyeshadow palettes. I love them, I get so excited by them and then I just don’t have the time for them or can’t be bothered in the morning. This is something I would love to use more of!

  • what wrong assumptions did you make?

I thought I would use a lot more cosmetics than I actually did. I am very grateful for the amount of cosmetics I have and although I know I physically cannot go through it all, I thought I would make more of an impact than I did. I already actively give a lot of it away and I should probably give out even more.

There is also another assumption that is worth considering, even if you don’t have a lot of cosmetics. Do you really need this item (ok this doesn’t really work well for cosmetics as you rarely NEED something) so most importantly, is this an efficient purchase – will this product do what you expect? Here’s an article with some food for thought: 1 in 4 cosmetics is a waste of your money. Here’s how each cosmetic category fares and why.

  • what products are you satisfied with?

I’m pretty set with my foundation, makeup primer, eye liner, highlighter, beauty sponge and concealer. On the skincare side, there are also some face creams and serums I swear by. Actual product details coming up in the Bonds of Beauty awards 2019!

  • what products are you still looking for?

Although I have found very good products in these categories, I still don’t always pick specifics up for whatever reason. That stickyness factor is not there. These include a body moisturiser, a hand cream, a mascara, a blush and more.

  • are you happy with your skincare regime?

Yes, very much so. My skincare routine is something I take very seriously and not just because we all want to be young and look good. Skin is the body’s biggest organ and we should take care of it as much as we would the rest.

  • where there any skincare issues?

I have had an issue with a part of my body that had it’s skin barrier damaged accidentally. This lead to a lot of spots, itching, drying and general uncomfortableness as well as…some shame! It wasn’t pretty to look at but it’s all sorted. Found out more details here: Coffee Chat: My skin condition story which can happen to you!

  • what worked well that you want to repeat or enhance?

My skincare is pretty good but I often try other creams during weekends or time off. While I want to still explore and try out new products, I am also aware that a big part of skincare is being consistent, and changing up creams and ingredients is not always ideal. Also, from a scientific point of view, trying out other products in-between good ones can give false positives as the good ones might be setting up the foundation and doing most of the work! Always try out a product for a month+ before making any decisions.

  • what didn’t work so well that you want to change?

I haven’t had any makeup or skincare failures in 2019, so this goes back to the product I didn’t use much, eyeshadow palettes. I’d love to use them more so perhaps practising and playing around with them more often might lower the barrier to wanting to use them in the morning!

Don’t forget to post your questions or email me!


In the next few posts left for 2019, we will be looking at a Tryit box and the December Beauty Boxes Look Fantastic, Glossybox and Cohorted. We will be going through the scores and how those boxes performed this year in order to crown the beauty box of the year, as well as figure out which one is best value for money, which one is the most exciting, which one you should subscribe to etc.

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However, the most exiciting post of them all is the Bonds of Beauty awards 2019! This is where you can find out my favourite, ride-or-die beauty products (makeup, skincare, haircare, bodycare and even tools) that I recommend as a chemist and a woman. I personally also find them interesting to compare to previous years because that is where you can trully figure out if a product is good or not. Good products tend to be hard to switch from and there are definetely quite a few categories where I have used the same products throughout the years. THOSE are the ones you should REALLY try if you can only afford to try a few.

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There is only one post this week as I’m travelling around with work, however, there will be posts as normal all throughout the holidays, so worry not!

There will also be a coffee chat on which posts I loved writting the most and which not so much! I’d also love to know what your favourite Bonds of Beauty post was and why so please get in touch! Also, which type of post do you like most? Beauty boxes, in-depth reviews and ingredient analysis, product comparisons, coffee chats, science backed posts? Tell me, tell me, tell me!

If you are craving a little Bonds of Beauty fix with some ingredient analysis sprinkles you can find all the posts here: Beauty In-depth Reviews & Ingredient Analysis (all articles here)

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As we are approaching the end of the year, take the next few weeks to clean-up your beauty collection, re-evaluate what you like and don’t like and experiment with different products and looks on your time off!

Thank you so much for supporting this blog all throughout the year. I love receiving your messages, stories and suggestions. Tell me what you want to read about in 2020 and what you learnt from 2019!

Lots of love,

Bonds of Beauty


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