Bonds of Fitness (all articles here)

Welcome to the Bonds of Fitness!

In this corner of this blog, I go through ingredients and concepts used in the fitness industry and spend hours reading and reviewing peer-reviewed scientific reports and articles, written by scientists for scientists (no mainstream fitness articles or company promoted articles), to bring you the actual evidence (if any!) on whether there is merit behind certain claims. I am aiming to bridge the gap between a lovely read and easy to understand but informative science while calling out any promotional bull-crap!

If you want to know if a certain ingredient, technique or concept is worth the hype and your time and learn a little bit more about the science behind it, then this is the blog for you!

Bonds of Fitness is about the Beauty in Bonds and molecules that makeup or contribute to fitness and while that is an amazing function for them already, their science might be interesting too!

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