Health and Fitness Boxes

Welcome to the Health and Fitness box, unboxing fun!

If you are new to this concept, there are numerous companies that offer subscription Health and Fitness boxes for a monthly fee. These boxes contain 5-10 (depending on the box) health and fitness products that the company chose for that month and they might be anything from consumable food items like protein powders, snacks or high protein pasta to resistance bands, skipping ropes, muscle relaxant creams etc. Basically anything health and fitness related and is delivered monthly to your door!

I love these boxes because you get:
(a) A surprise every month.
(b) Which means you also experiment and find new good and bad products. 
(c) A nice way to keep up to date with a variety of health and fitness products and health and fitness companies.
(d) A nice monthly treat.
(e) A way to keep you motivated.

I live in the UK so at the moment I subscribe to the UK Wellthos and The-Fit Box. If you are interested in seeing what was inside each month and what I thought of the products then follow this blog!

A lot of people ask me which box I would recommend for them. These two specific boxes are actually very different so they suit different type of people. Have a read at my general reviews on Wellthos, The Fit-Box before deciding and maybe checkout the last 1-2 month specific reviews.

I am not affiliated with any company or brand. These are my views and experiences.