Cheap Makeup – Kiko SMART Colour Eye Pencils – In-depth Review and Ingredient Analysis

In my quest to find cheap but good quality cosmetics, I have previously looked at two different types of the Kiko Cosmetics lipsticks, the Smart and Gossamer Emotion range. If you missed those posts check out: Cheap Makeup – Kiko Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipsticks – In-depth Review and Ingredient Analysis Cheap Makeup – Kiko SMART Fusion lipsticks – In-depth Review and Ingredient Analysis Although the lipsticks were not perfect, they were good for their price tag. As a result, I was curiousRead more

Nyx Eyeshadow Palettes – In-depth Reviews and Ingredient Analysis

Eyeshadow palettes are one of the priciest makeup items to buy, no matter of which brand you choose to go for. In a way it makes sense, as it is an item that will last you for a long time but on the other hand, the ingredients contained really do not justify the prices. In my mission to find cheaper products that are actually high quality, I turned to Nyx, a drugstore brand with a twist. It sells cheap makeupRead more

Affordable lipsticks of high quality – Avon True Colour Supreme Nourishing Lipstick – In-Depth Review and Ingredient Analysis

I love lipsticks, you love lipsticks, who doesn’t love lipsticks. But the best thing about lipsticks is having a collection of colours to choose from, to complete any look or express any mood. I’ve tried many lipsticks and despite the big trend of liquid lipsticks, I’ve always preferred the normal type because I have dry lips. I’ve worked with @shopwithjadekayy, an Avon representative, to find moisturising but also cheap lipsticks of high quality and I’ve come across the Avon TrueRead more