Coffee Chat: Nominated for Most Inspiring Beauty Blog at Coupon

Hello my lovelies, A bit of an unscheduled coffee chat but it’s good news and there is always reason enough for a coffee or tea! I’ve been nominated for the Most Inspiring Beauty Blog Award at Coupon and I am absolutely honoured. If you like my science infused blog it would mean the absolute world to me if you voted. It takes literally 1 click, no registration or any fuss required. Click click here to be directed to the votingRead more

Coffee Chat: It’s that time again…New Year Resolutions

Hello my lovelies, I am still maintening the blog, thank you so much for your patience this week. It feels so good to have it all cleaned up and ready for the new year! Remember there are still plenty of posts to read about. For science posts check out Bonds of Beauty (all articles here) and for lots of in-depth reviews have a look at Beauty In-depth Reviews & Ingredient Analysis (all articles here). And if you read all of my posts,Read more

Coffee Chat: Maintenance week

Hello my lovelies, Just a quick coffee chat to keep you up to date with the posting schedule this week. Sadly, there will be no new review posts this week as I’d like to spend the time maintening the blog. There will be another coffee chat though on New Year resolutions on Thursday the 27th. As you might know already, being a blogger is more of a hobby for me, I have a full time job as a research chemist.Read more

Coffee Chat: Black Friday Beauty Deals

Hello my lovelies, I was going to pubish a beauty box post today but somewhere between the UK-wide network problems and the bad weather, the beauty box I had in mind has not been delivered. Next week! Nevertheless, I’ve been wanting to write a quick coffee chat about the Black Friday beauty deals and my experiences the past few years. So grab a coffee and join me in a little quick rant! Black Friday is meant to be a, ifRead more

Coffee Chat: Goodbye Birchbox – Why I unsubscribed from the Birchbox beauty box after a year and a half

The time has come to say goodbye to Birchbox. Like many of you, I read the reviews and comments before I subscribed but I still wanted to try it out myself. Now, after about a year and a half of being a subscriber, I have decided to end my subscription. If you are wondering why subscribe to beauty boxes in general click here to find out the top 5 reasons. I haven’t just been a Birchbox subscriber, I’ve also beenRead more

Coffee Chat: Which beauty boxes do you want to read about?

Hello my lovelies, Time for another coffee chat! As you may have noticed, I have been writing a lot of unboxing and product reviews of a couple of beauty boxes now. These posts have the intention of bringing a few new products (whether good or bad) to you attention every month, which is why I title the posts: Beauty Product Discovery. Beauty boxes for me are a bit like “let’s see what we are going to discover and experiment withRead more

Coffee Chat: Q&A – You asked “As a Chemist Which Ingredients do you Avoid?”

Hello my lovelies, It’s coffee chat time! Grab a coffee and join me. I’ve asked you on Instagram: “Ask a Chemist a question and I might write a post replying to it” and here it is! Thank you so much for your questions, I will slowly get round to them all. If you haven’t managed to ask yet or you have a new question email me ( or DM me on Instagram. Today I will be answering the question fromRead more

Coffee Chat: I’ve tried Yoga for 30 days and this is what happened

There’s nothing I like more than a good “aw wow where was this my entire life” moment and unfortunately, they don’t come by that often. I wanted to share this experience with you because it might help others too who where in a similar place like me not knowing what they are missing out on. I am into fitness and I tend to exercise 4-5 times a week. My training involves strength training by weight lifting and also High IntensityRead more

Coffee Chat: Should you celebrate Valentine’s day?

Hello my lovelies, I wanted to take today’s opportunity to addrees the love or hate Valentine’s day situation as it is an interesting subject that comes up every year. Some believe that Valentine’s day is just a ploy to make money and other’s get very upset when their other half does not come home with a gift or even worse, if they are single on the day. Me, I lie between the two. I think that Valentine’s day is definetelyRead more

Coffee Chat: Liebster Award and a bit about me

Hello everyone, This is a slightly different post from me, no reviews or science facts! Nevertheless, this is even better because I was nominated for the Liebster Blogger Award by The Confessions of a Cosmetics Addict. Thank you so much, I am absolutely honoured! Get a cup of coffee and check out her blog, she has some lovely posts on different subjects including make up howls and reviews, Elephants, Elephants and more Elephants and some lovely green nails too! IRead more