Beauty Product Discovery – Cohorted Beauty Box December 2018 – Unboxing and Product Reviews

Last beauty box for the year and sadly, it was a very disappointing one. The Cohorted box was as always the standard black, square box that closes magnetically and ties with a ribbon. The box also came with its monthly, small beauty magazine (about 30 pages) that tells you a little bit more about each product and some featured products or artists. Cohorted doesn’t really do themes but you can sort of guess one from the editorial intro of theRead more

Cohorted Beauty Box December 2017 – Unboxing and Product Reviews

Finally! Going through the excitement of opening up all the beauty boxes this month has only lead to disappointment thus far, but finally, here’s a beauty box that has taken the festive holidays on board! Yes, yes, yes! Cohorted has definitely done the best, out of the four December beauty boxes (Look Fantastic, Birhcbox, Glossybox and Cohorted) I receive, on accommodating for the festivities. Despite the fact that the other beauty boxes came in gorgeous and festive looking box designs,Read more