Is talc in cosmetics safe?

Let’s talk about talc! Talc is a naturally occurring mineral that is accused of being a carcinogen. Like with many accused compounds, talc has been at the forefront of some major news articles and even a few lawsuits! You might have heard about the famous lawsuits against the Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder, however, while I don’t have access to the actual court case papers and I’m going by what the media reported, the cases were not as simple asRead more

Is mineral oil in cosmetics safe?

Mineral oil is a colourless and odourless liquid, often found in cosmetics, that has received a lot of bad press by many who believe that it is a carcinogen. Likely a big part of the confusion, mineral oil is a very imprecise name. This term has been used to refer to many different type of oils and have also been confused with or used to refer to: white oil, paraffin oil, liquid paraffin, paraffinium oil, liquid petroleum, and baby oil. Read more