GlamGlow Gravity Mud Treatment Face Mask – In-dept Review and Ingredient Analysis

Face masks are one of the beauty items that are sold or perceived misleadingly. While face masks can enhance your skincare by bringing in extra ingredients that your routine does not include, they are not the ones to give you youthful and healthy skin. Many perceive face masks as cosmetic saviours but in practice, it is like dieting once a week and expecting to loose weight. It’s your skincare that is doing the heavy lifting. However, if chosen wisely, thatRead more

Best Cleanser To Use With Your Electric Face Brush – Lancôme Gel Éclat – In-depth Review and Ingredient Analysis

There are many cleansers out there, some of which even go beyond the cleaning duty by offering skin nourishing ingredients. However, many of them have a relatively watery or creamy texture and are not very convenient to use in combination with cleaning enhancement products, such as electric face cleaning brushes. I personally own a Clarisonic brush and while it cleans well and the experience is nice, it is annoying to use if the cleanser is too liquid or cream like.Read more