Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask – In-depth Review and Ingredient Analysis

Face masks are over hyped products that many of us see as saviours. Special products that will do some kind of skin miracle very quickly. Well, they don’t. Face masks have more emotional than skincare value and that’s ok. If you want to do a face mask to feel more feminine and relaxed then it’s totally worth it but don’t use them entirely for skincare purposes. Most masks don’t contain a lot of amazing ingredients, they are mostly mediocre, butRead more

Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask – In-depth Review and Ingredient Analysis

Face masks are great but not so much for the reasons you think so! Most face masks in the market are nowhere nutritious enough to make a difference to your skin and the few ones that are, won’t either, simply because you won’t use them often enough. So, what’s the point then? Well, face masks should be all about you. They should be about enjoying some much needed 15-20 minutes a week of me-time, with a cup of hot chocolateRead more

How to Enhance your Beauty Products and Reduce your Cosmetic Waste with Hydrapuff while Having Fun

There is no denying that most of us women, if not all, own more cosmetics than needed. However, I believe that there are a couple of reasons for this and it’s not just greed. Sure, sometimes we can’t resist our favourite brand’s new launch or two, but a lot of the cosmetics we accumulate come from buying products that turn out to be less good than we expected, especially skincare products. How many times have you been disappointed by skincareRead more