Part B: Clinique iD Range – In-depth Reviews and Ingredient Analyses of the Cartridges

Clinique recently released a new skincare range called Clinique iD where you can create your custom-blend hydration system. The customisation part is very easy. Firstly, you have to choose your base out of 3 possible moisturisers, the moisturising lotion, moisturising gel and hydrating gel. Then you have to choose a cartridge out of 5 possible options, which thankfully are also colour coded. The white cartridge is for uneven skin tone, the green for irritation, the orange one for fatigue, theRead more

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm – In-depth Review and Ingredient Analysis

Don’t you love it when you somehow get a product you’ve never heard or tried before for free and then end up loving it? I recently bought some Clinique products to test and there was an offer of spending £55 and getting a full size cleanser for free. Didn’t even need to try for the offer, as you know all too well, a cosmetics orders easily get above that price. Atleast I got a full size Clinique take the dayRead more

GlamGlow Gravity Mud Treatment Face Mask – In-dept Review and Ingredient Analysis

Face masks are one of the beauty items that are sold or perceived misleadingly. While face masks can enhance your skincare by bringing in extra ingredients that your routine does not include, they are not the ones to give you youthful and healthy skin. Many perceive face masks as cosmetic saviours but in practice, it is like dieting once a week and expecting to loose weight. It’s your skincare that is doing the heavy lifting. However, if chosen wisely, thatRead more

Estée Lauder Double Wear Wars – Original vs Nude Water Fresh – In-depth Reviews and Ingredient Analyses

The Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation is the best foundation for oily skin and can work for normal and combination ones too. I’ve tried many foundations and while some had advantages over the Double Wear, none were good enough as a full product to make me switch. If you missed those posts check out: Best Foundation Dupe yet? Estée Lauder Double Wear vs Nyx Can’t Stop Won’t Stop vs Nyx Stay Matte – In-depth Reviews and Ingredient Analyses Three Way BattleRead more

Is talc in cosmetics safe?

Let’s talk about talc! Talc is a naturally occurring mineral that is accused of being a carcinogen. Like with many accused compounds, talc has been at the forefront of some major news articles and even a few lawsuits! You might have heard about the famous lawsuits against the Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder, however, while I don’t have access to the actual court case papers and I’m going by what the media reported, the cases were not as simple asRead more

INCredible Jelly Shot Lip Quencher – In-depth Review and Ingredient Analysis

Whether you have dry lips or not, lip balms are essential, especially during the winter months when our lip skin tends to crack and dry a lot more. I’ve accidentally come across the INCredible Jelly Shot Lip Quencher and it caught my attention, for all the wrong reasons. I didn’t know that the brand does lip products and it looks so pretty! But is it as hydrating as other lip balms and more importantly is it better than my holyRead more

Is mineral oil in cosmetics safe?

Mineral oil is a colourless and odourless liquid, often found in cosmetics, that has received a lot of bad press by many who believe that it is a carcinogen. Likely a big part of the confusion, mineral oil is a very imprecise name. This term has been used to refer to many different type of oils and have also been confused with or used to refer to: white oil, paraffin oil, liquid paraffin, paraffinium oil, liquid petroleum, and baby oil. Read more

Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules – In-depth Review and Ingredient Analysis

Skincare for me as a chemist is like building a puzzle. You have to find and experiment with different ingredients and formulations and pick the ones that are not only scientifically backed but also actually work for you (biologically and for your budget). Ceramides have been around for a while now and have been one of the ingredients that have given me very quick results, almost as soon as I incorporated them into my skincare. For all science details onRead more

Paula’s Choice Clinical Ceramide-Enriched Firming Moisturiser – In-depth Review and Ingredient Analysis

Skincare is so important not only for maintaining healthy skin but also for future proofing and slowing down the signs of ageing as much as possible. There are so many moisturisers in the market, ranging from £1-100+ and so you might think that you are spoilt for choice. Sadly, when you start looking into ingredients, you’d quickly realise that most of them are very superficial, moisturising or conditioning only the surface and for a short period of time. Your skinRead more

Great skincare addons – Paula’s Choice Resist Weightless Advanced Repairing Toner – In-depth review and Ingredient Analysis

Toners have gone through a lot of hype but also a lot of misconceptions. Toners are liquid products that you are supposed to use after you clean your face and are set to “tone” the skin. While toners do not necessarily “tone the skin” and if you ask me are not an absolute must have, they can help take your skincare to the next level. However, this is only possible if the toner is highly nutritious for your skin andRead more