Battle of the top 2 concealers – Urban Decay Naked Skin vs Tarte Shape Tape – A chemist’s verdict and ingredient analysis

As you age, work late, or in general get tired, a concealer will become a very important part of your makeup, arguably even more important than foundation. That is because a good concealer can make your eyes appear less tired and younger. A bad concealer on the other hand, can aggregate into the natural creases of the eye, or as you age, into your wrinkles, and make your eyes appear even more tired and older than you actually are. ItRead more

Battle of the Urban Decay Concealers – Naked Skin vs All Nighter – In Depth Review and Ingredient Analysis

The Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer has been my holy grail concealer for ages now and a lot of people seem to agree, as it is one of the most highly rated concealers out there. It used to be number one worldwide until the Tarte concealer was released which managed to claim some people away from the Urban Decay. Unfortunately, Tarte has almost no presence in the UK but I have managed to try it out. Check out: Battle ofRead more